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Preparation of reports

         1. Annual and interim reports according to the National Accounting Standards and the
International Accounting Standards;

         2. Preparation of reports for the National Statistical Institute;

         3. Preparation of reports for internal company use:

               1.1 in the forms prepared by the company;

               1.2 suggested by us.



         1. Processing of documents – at the client’s office, at our office or distantly as requested
by the client;
        2. Monthly or annual financial closing;

        3. Preparation of accounting reports upon request by the client and in compliance with
the specifics of each particular case;

        4. Preparation and filing of declarations under Corporate Income Taxation Act, Value  Added Tax Act, Tax on Physical Persons’ Incomes Act, Local Tax and Fees Act;

       5. Preparation of payment documents:

             5.1 on paper /sent to the client by e-mail/;

             5.2 Internet banking.

       6. Preparation and filing of reports to the Bulgarian National Bank;

       7. Consultations on the application of Avoidance of Double Taxation Treaties.



        1. Preparation and filing of all notifications to the National Revenues Agency on the
signing, amendment and termination of employment agreements;

        2. Preparation of estimated payroll, pay slips, declarations 1 and 6;

        3. Processing and filing with the National Social Security Institute of sick leave

        4. Consultations under Health and Safety Act, cooperation with an occupational health


Tax Representation

       1. Representing clients before the National Revenues Agency in carrying out inspections
and audits;

       2. Preparation of objections and appeals against reports and acts issued by the National
Revenues Agency.


Tax Planning

       1. Tax planning and optimization of tax duties;

       2. Preliminary tax assessment of projects and transactions.



       1. Evaluation of the method and accuracy of keeping accounts, as well as effectiveness of
the accounting department;

       2. Consultations in recruitment of accounting staff;

       3. Consultations on the rules for the bookkeeping

       4. Management and optimisation of the accounting team of the company;

       5. Designing software for financial and accounting, preparation of the assignment for the